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Essay example - The Friedan Mystique

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One of the first and major criticisms of the feminist movement found in the article "The Friedan Mystique" is that the advances of women for which they have found and that have been hard won are still only exceptions and not the rule. The writer contends that feminism has still not advanced very far in that only a few women, of the many who aspire, have been able to achieve the goal for which they have struggled…

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The difficulties that Betty Friedan saw women facing were most likely enough to let her realize that any revolution that would take place in women's favor would do so at a slow and painstaking pace. Therefore, Friedan might have predicted that at some point during the change, women's advances would not be commonplace. It might very well have been known to her that during the revolution, women's wages as compared to men's would rise to equality-not overnight, but gradually.
Friedan's idea was to grant women the wide variety of choices that men had. It was not to be conceived that women should abandon child-bearing and rearing altogether and launch out into the business world without concern for family and the perpetuation (or at least prolongation) of the human race. Her goal was to grant women the choice and opportunity to pursue business should they have that desire. In light of this, it would seem that Betty Friedan would have known that some women might consciously choose to remain in the homes, bear and rear children, and take care of their husbands. Certainly, at the time that she lived and wrote, while some women seemed eager and were clamoring for equality, others seemed quite satisfied with their domestic lot. ...
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