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Business Function Assignment

This paper talks that the main stakeholders relevant to Monsanto’s attempt to introduce GM products to Europe are special interest groups, particularly environmentalists, European consumers, European governmental officials and regulators, and Monsanto itself along with its employees and shareholders. Each of these stakeholders has unique interests in the outcome of this process.
To sum up, the paper says that Finally, Monsanto’s shareholders must be convinced that the company has a sound strategy for moving forward into new markets. This means marketing the marketing efforts. Even if Monsanto remains short of success, as long as it can show a strategy that is highly likely to lead to success within a specific, reasonable time frame, the shareholders should be satisfied that the company is on the right track for long term growth. Shareholder confidence depends on effective management and strategic focus of the company’s long term business plan. Clearly, effective marketing and communications activities that are fully aligned with Monsanto’s long term business growth objectives are the heart beat of that business plan. Informing shareholders and employees about these efforts grows confidence within the company and ensures that the investment capital will continue to be there to support the plan over the long time.
Monsanto would like to become an active contributor to environmental groups and devise ways of helping their causes that transcend the GM issue. ...
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This paper will describes resistance to change which is a key challenge for any marketing effort. Overcoming resistance to change involves clear and effective communication targeted at the right people and addressing the right issues. There are several key stakeholders relevant to Monsanto’s attempt to introduce genetically modified crops in Europe. …
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