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Resistance to change is a key challenge for any marketing effort. Overcoming resistance to change involves clear and effective communication targeted at the right people and addressing the right issues. There are many stakeholders who often have an interest in preserving the status quo; and so it is important for a marketing plan to take these stakeholders and their concerns into account when deciding how to best approach a given market.


The Financial Times excerpt illustrates Monsanto's failure to do this early on, thereby making the kind of resistance they encountered likely. It is not at all surprising that their lack of effective communication targeted at those with the greatest ability to make or break the successful marketing of GM products had the result it did. Further, when resistance was encountered, the response was not optimally designed to overcome it; and this basically assured continued and even intensified resistance to the company's efforts.
The first stakeholders whom Monsanto needs to take into consideration are the environmentalists such as Greenpeace. These groups are committed to ensuring that GM products do not pose a danger to the environment. For example, they may be concerned that crops that are genetically engineered to be insect resistant could cross pollinate and eventually throw off the balance of the ecosystem by causing the demise of some insect species that feed on various plant types. ...
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