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Working thesis statement

In my earlier papers; one on Definition Essay which discussed fashion's negative impact on societies throughout history, and The Midterm Essay, wherein I discussed how the health and beauty industries have all along encouraged us to think of our bodies in terms of machines, I had maintained that health could not be compromised for the sake of appearance. To prove this, I quoted the names of Luisel Ramos and Ana Carolina Reston, who, seeking stardom and money, paid the supreme prize for their body abuse. Sad, but true, this is the life of models, who walk the ramps to the appeasement of a handful. In order to substantiate my argument that the two industries (Health and Beauty) in discussion have all along been more inclined to improve their personal interests, this research will take a look at what happens behind the scene. Fashion and beauty are but short-lived, life is not. Being identical to a Jane Fonda or an Arnold Schwarzenegger does not guarantee stardom or success. Every individual on his or her own terms is as attractive as any other. It's all in the mind.
Models have for long caught our attention as being pretty and sexy. The notion that men prefer women with a model's body is all wrong. Does this mean that women who are healthy are less attractive or pretty Definitely not! In fact, men prefer women with more flesh. ...
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The Fashion industry thrives on propaganda. The beauty and health industries remain buoyant, thanks to their effective marketing strategies. Media barons remain happy to be of service. Everyone associated with the industry seems to be happy, but at who's peril Our's of course!…
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