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Republican Party vs Democratic Party

The current chairman is Mike Duncan, the senate leader is Mitch McConnell and the house leader is John Boehner.
As with all parties, this is divided into different sections to manage different platforms. The Republican National Committee promotes the party's campaign activities. Under this, the Republican National Convention is responsible for raising funds and planning future campaign strategies.
Following a more conservative point of view relative to the American-Christian point of view, the party stands for more economic freedom including lower tax rates and limited government intervention. National Defense takes top priority and the Republican Party believes its Americas right to act against any threat they perceive is harmful for the country, like attacking Iraq on a vague hunch and without any potential evidence.
The sleek and stealthy deer is making good progress. This party stands as the oldest party in America and up until 2004, it was also the largest political party in America as well. It traces its roots back to Thomas Jefferson who was the co-founder with other important personalities back in 1972 (Democratic Vision, 2008). ...
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The United States is the most influential country in the world. It is the biggest democracy and one would expect it to have many political parties fighting closely for power. There are in fact only two major parties which have influenced Americans to shift their loyalties towards them and trust them for handling the only superpower in the world.
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