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Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster (1987).

One of the first disasters was a fire at a soccer stadium in Bradford in May 1985. Many switched on their televisions on a Saturday afternoon for the weekly match results only to be confronted with scenes of a blazing wooden stadium and individuals, one at least on fire, running from the scene. Other disasters included an aeroplane fire at Manchester Airport during the middle of the holiday season, the sinking of a British ferry off Zeebrugge with substantial loss of life, a fire at Kings Cross, the blowing up of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie four days before Christmas, live coverage of fatal crushing at Hillsborough soccer stadium at the FA Cup semi-final and the sinking of the Marchioness pleasure boat on the River Thames during the August bank holiday weekend, 1989. [Anne Eyre, PhD]

Herald of Free Enterprise is a funny name given that it was the pursuit of profit at the cost of safety that caused the accident. [www.everything2.com] The Herald of Free Enterprise, like her sister ships Pride of Free Enterprise and Spirit of Free Enterprise, was a modern ro-ro passenger/vehicle ferry designed for use on the high-volume short Dover-Calais ferry route. [www.unisa.edu.au] The British ferry was built by Schichau Unterweser in Bremerhaven, Germany, in 1980 and owned by Townsend Thoresen, and had two sister ships: Pride of Free Enterprise and Spirit of Free Enterprise. ...
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The 1980's are considered to be decade of disasters for Britain, public and professional interest in disasters was prompted by a spate of socio-technical disasters which occurred within relatively quick succession and received much media coverage and interest…
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