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Rise of modern Chinese Nationalism

In one of its earliest forms during the early twentieth century, Chinese movement led by the Han majority began to overthrow the Qing dynasty under which China was ruled by the Manchu .Ethnic nationalism views the nation as politicized ethnic group and often produces a state -seeking movement to create an ethnic nation-state. After the fall of the Qing in 19121, the Kuomintang (KMT) and the CCP in 1949 defined as a multi ethnic political community.
In general the rise of modern nationalism in China has played a great role in the contemporary China. Therefore the nature and role of this Nationalism can be assessed in terms of economical aspects, political conditions, military developments and enhancement of foreign relations as explained below:-
Prior to 1978, the Chinese economy was centrally planned. However, after this period the Chinese leadership, started moving the economy to a more market oriented system .The system still works under the control of the communist, but the economic influence as non-state managers and enterprises has been increasing steadily. ...
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Before the nineteenth century, when China was still an empire, nationalism did not exist. The Chinese political elite began to embrace modern nationalist doctrines for China's defense and regeneration only after China's disastrous defeat by British troops in the 1840-1842 opium war, which led not only to the eventual disintegration of the Chinese empire but also to the loss of national sovereignty to imperialist powers…
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