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Athletic programs

As I reflect upon my experiences from these sports programs, I believe that the lessons I have imbibed greatly contributed to my overall development as an individual. I reckon that the benefits I have derived from joining these programs make be better equipped in facing the challenges of high school life.
As a part of the athletic programs, I have greatly appreciated the concept of teamwork. These programs have made me realize that through team effort goals would achieved more efficiently. Instead of working or playing on my own, I have grown to become a team player. In my high school years, this characteristic would help me relate with my group mates or peers both inside and outside the classroom.
Moreover, participating in athletic programs has assisted me in gaining self-confidence. Through the guidance of trainers, I developed my belief in my skills as a soccer player, student and individual who is part of a team. This trait also enabled me to easily accept rejections and failures. As a high school student, this is vital because such gives me the courage to try various pursuits. Should I fail in these endeavors, I could easily inspire myself to improve and find ways to further hone my skills to succeed.
The athletic programs have also molded me to embody sportsmanship. ...
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Since kindergarten, I have expressed much interest in soccer. At such an early age, I have immensely enjoyed the smell of freshly cut grass in the field and euphoric crowds during exciting moments of the game. More so, I have learned to value the friendships built with my playmates…
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