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Sterile service department process map !!!!!!!

At this juncture, it is essential that the SSD staff need to check the device and to notify the user if any part of the equipment is damaged or missing on receipt. This is followed by a series of interdependent decontamination procedures like cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation to ensure complete elimination of microbes and other contaminants from the reusable medical device. Cleaning is the first step in decontamination and is an essential prerequisite for the next stage namely disinfection. Cleaning is done either by mechanical means using an automated washer disinfector or an ultrasonic bath comprising warm water rinse, power wash, disinfection using a detergent and a drying phase. The choice of detergent depends on the nature of the equipment and the user follows the instructions of the manufacturer . However, for delicate or complex medical devices, manual cleaning is normally preferred. In this case a clean sink is filled with warm water and a detergent. The used medical device is dismantled and fully submerged in the detergent solution where brushing, wiping, agitation and jet-washing are carried out. On completion of the cycle, the device is reassembled and subjected to disinfection. ...
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The hospital sterile services department(SSD) is operated by a specialised group of staff who provide an essential service by supplying the operation theatres with sterile instruments and departments with specific items required for patient care.(Department of health, National Health Services, 2009)…
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