Not Finishing Well

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Just like in the natural world, we need the luminous sun as source of light. In the spiritual world, the light-bringer is the Prophet. We need chosen Prophet to guide people to the right path. The coming of a divine teacher is like springtime that brings development, which stirs the whole world with new life.


We accept warfare or conflict as a normal part of life. The Divine Teachers want us to free ourselves from this condition by not looking backward but instead, by looking ahead.
In Christian spirit, one sees that the most essential discipline is the nearness with Christ. Nearness implies the fidelity in carrying the teachings of Christ and applying them to one's daily life. This gives a person some plans or purpose in life. It is incumbent upon the followers of Christ to promote amity or harmony among the believers. They should enlighten and educate children to instill a growing hope. Ignoring this call is like a journey back, a failure. In his article Longevity with Distinction and Dignity-Finishing Well, Pastor Eugene Harder echoes that "Jesus died to remove the curse that prevented people from finishing well."
We are reaching a new era in the history of mankind. And springtime is knocking at the door. For our brief sojourn on this life-giving planet, we could say that even though we did not start well, we could indeed find time to finish well.
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