Operational Management of Risk

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This paper presented on the basis of case study on East Coast Aviation Service Company situated in wales, The main focus of the study is to work out the specific queries on risk identification techniques, risk analysis & risk treatment approaches. Risk management is very important for a every organization aiming for serious long term business & implementation of all the necessary processes, development & maintenance of KPIs & PIs are important to align all hierarchical organization that helps in reducing complexities in the work flow, conflicts in the roles & responsibilities, provides ease in performance analysis & gives accurate results on implementation of all the treatments figured out du


Any project is required to be managed through a well structured hierarchy & reporting results to work out problems in processes & project performance tracking to categorizing them in problems & solution sets for in all cases that would be easy for review & changes too in later time for implementation of new plans & strategies. Following is a stake holder hierarchy that I think will work in automating the processes.
A project manager lead (at least 15+ years of experience in project management) responsible for management of all the undergoing project's solutions, & performance tracking to help technical member/engineers to concentrate more on technical side development, instead of increasing their over heads of managing all of the things that will not work for sure. ...
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