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Security Management Paper - Essay Example

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As stated in the Security Management Practices, control is important to reduce the effects of security threats and vulnerabilities to a level that is tolerable by an organization. [2001,p.4]. In this paper the following are discussed: the matrix in hiring personnel, policy on how to deal with privacy issues in conducting surveillance and intelligence gathering, analyzing a budget for a security organization, and the policy and procedures for dealing with issues such as sexual harassment, discrimination, physical security, and personal protection.

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Security Management Paper

The matrix is use to be able to provide equal opportunity to all the applicants on lawful job related and non-discriminatory criteria. A pre-designed tool was created by Texas Tech as a hiring selection matrix. The matrix composed of a spreadsheet, which helps to evaluate the applicant. The snapshot of the matrix is shown below (figure 1). To start with this matrix on the upper portion of the matrix just types the required qualification of the person needed for the job. The preferred skills may include education, Clerical experience, MS Office experience, ten key by touch, TTU experience, bookkeeping experience, keyboarding score and spelling score. On the lower part of the preferred skills you can rate the skills from 1 to 5 (with 5 as the highest scale).
Once the application received, the name of the applicant can be inserted on the applicants' column. Opposite to the applicant column are column wherein you can put your rate for a certain applicant (rate 1 to 5 - 5 is the highest). ...
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