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Mythology in Contemporary Culture - Essay Example

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Ever since man has realized that he and everything around him is created and serves a purpose, he has formulated ways of understanding their origin. For centuries, he wondered where does the sun go and why does the moon appear. He wondered why does the seasons change and why does birth occur…

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Mythology in Contemporary Culture

Perhaps the most famous of mythologies in the world is the one that Ancient Greece created. While most mythologies in other parts of the globe dealt with the macabre, the mythology of Greece lavished in stories of love and honor. Unlike other gods, the Greek gods were like humans; with good and bad qualities. They often fell in love and sometimes felt jealousy and hatred. Roman mythology is not far from the Greek one since they derived their stories from them. They merely changed the names of the deities but the stories remained the same. Popol Vuh, on the other hand is a book that contains the records of the mythological narratives and lineage of the rulers of the Quich Maya kingdom of highland Guatemala.
This paper deals with contemporary things that echoes the influence of mythology from past times. In writing this paper, we can learn some of the things that are still rooted to common mythology and its impact to society's everyday lives. One of the most enduring of all human practices that has to do with mythology is our use of them in naming heavenly bodies. Let's start off with the planets. The first planet from the sun is Mercury. ...
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