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Palestinian Conflict

Said admitted that the policies of the Arab states have been worst than the practices of the Israeli government, and the reason attributed towards such behavior has been the 'glorification of raw power, blind subservience to authority, and a frightening hatred of others' (Juetten, 2004). Ethnocentrism was mainly responsible towards the political failure of the Middle East region, and the human rights atrocities committed by the extremist forces of Israel and Palestine aggravated the situation.
The terminology of nation was well-defined, and the ethnocentrism affiliated with the Palestinian population in particular, and the people of Middle East in general were focused and highlighted. Said is considered to be the 'major force in the emerging discourse on the post-colonial', and the principles of the states were rephrased. It was observed that Said reflected a conviction towards 'literary criticism' (Juetten, 2004), and integrated the historical and social circumstances for the characterization in constructive and evident manner, to avoid assertion. ...
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Edward Said is considered to be the 'tireless spokesman' for the struggle of the Palestinian nation, and has represented of Palestinian regime in the West. Edward Said stood against the hostile and aggressive policies of the Israeli government, and proactively opposed and vehemently the Israeli policies…
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