Production Management

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The global technology is altering rapidly and the manner in which the corporates, the world over, operate is changing rapidly driven by this transforming technology and a keen desire to compete and acquire a bigger share of market.The business objectives have turned from mere survival or a normally healthy bottomline to an extraordinarily fat bottomline maintained with consistency.


ated tasks are being attended to with necessary know how and skills.The deepening of this trend is evidenced by the fact that several of these sub contracting firms(SMEs particularly) have acquired specialist status and their deployment is much sought after.In fact doing business in such a fashion equates working in highly organized networks of organizations that are lined up for specific responsibilities for delivering the final products or services.In the construction business there has been a concerted move towards systematic hiring of contractors and as a catching trend of last 20 years such hiring has become highly specialized with a large and growing network of specialist trade sub contractors. The growth of the specialist sub-contract sector in the construction industry has ensured the importance of specialist trade sub contractors to the overall project development process. ...
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