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Essay example - Genetically Modified Plants

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Today, various scientist of different fields worried as world's statistics showed that our population will be doubled twenty years from now particularly in third world countries. Scientist gathered in various symposiums, conferences and consultations trying to address the issue that agricultural production should be doubled to prevent hunger and poverty of human race in the future…

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They are now producing variety that are high yielding , resistant to drought, insect pest and disease resistant, saline and water logged resistant, weed and pesticide tolerant and even improve the its nutritional value. Coupled with these discoveries, there are some potential risks in genetic modification (GM) in plants that are harmful both human and mother earth.
In Human, some GM products would cause allergies as a result of new unidentified proteins gene transferred into unrelated organisms (Campaign Web site) that may create new allergen that causes an allergic reaction in susceptible individuals (GMO Web site). Bernstein, et. al. (cited GMO Website) reported that allergic reactions in human occur when a normally harmless protein enters the body and stimulates an immune response to proteins. There are reports that any allergic reaction to food can be serious, even life-threatening, and leads to anaphylactic shock (Campaign Website). The consumption of GMO product will increased cancer rates from Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). This hormone was injected into cows in order to increase milk production and also human insulin- Like Growth Factor (IGF-1). ...
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