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Monkey King

Journey to the west portrays the main protagonist, the Monkey king who is a rebel hero and a troublemaker. It is a story of bravery, cleverness and injustice. Enormous were the sins of Monkey King as he created devastation in heaven and fair was the punishment imposed on him at the foot of Five-Finger Mountain. The Jade Emperor sent his armies to capture the Monkey King, but the devious Monkey escapes and ends up with Buddha himself. They made a deal: if Monkey wins, he can rule heaven and earth. If not - he does whatever Buddha tells him to do. He lost, and there began his adventures on earth.
As part of the plan, the Buddha sends the Monkey King on a mission. He met Monk Tang, the leader of the expedition. Monk Tang christens the Monkey King, Sun Wu-kong, and together they set off on their journey. On their journey, they met Ba-jie (a pig immortal), and a carp, Sha-sen (a former sea monster), both of whom have been sent down to earth after causing trouble in the Heavenly kingdom. Together they successfully pass through many dangers - bandits, greedy monks, a hungry skeleton, a land of women where no boys allowed, and a burning mountain and arrive at the Spirit Hill where the Sacred Scrolls are kept. Having proved worthy companions to Monk Tang, Buddha welcomes Ba jie and Sha-sen back into the Heavenly Realm. ...
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The Chinese love story. Early philosophical and historical books are enlivened by fictitious narratives. In the T'ang period it was fashionable for scholars to write stories. Some were based on tradition, some where inventions and some were drawn from personal experience…
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