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Visual Communication in Business

ed institutions like prisons, which serve a broader purpose in the society and hence aught to be guided by humane and ethical considerations, rather then being subjected to purely monetary targets and objectives. The very fact that the private corporations work for purely profit motives renders them incapable of being allowed to run the prisons or any other institution that is basically expected to adhere to welfare objectives and rehabilitation goals, even at the cost of incurring some losses. A realistic comprehension of this complex idea can be facilitated by the usage of various approaches to visual communication like charts and graphs, maps and cartoons and illustrations.
It is imperative to understand that there exist primarily two ethical approaches pertaining to the institution of prisons. ...
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With the onset of globalization, the trend towards privatization is invading every sphere of life. The corporate world and the international financial institutions are increasingly pressing upon the governments all over the world including the US to go for the full blown privatization of the state run facilities…
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