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Essay example - Korean OEM Suppliers: International Business Management Strategy

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The international markets for the OEM suppliers have gone through tremendous changes in recent past, especially for the suppliers from the developing economies like Korea, China and others. The suppliers from the countries like Korea have small local market…

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This study aims to identify the factors responsible for the success of the successful organization in the global market place with a special focus to the leadership and the strategies adopted in order to bring changes in the organization culture and structure.
There are various sociological, technological, environmental, political legal and economical factors which influence the way any firm operates within any market place. The extent of variations in these factors, from one market to another, determines the strategic moves being planned by the company. For being globally competitive a studied research of all these factors helps in establishing a sustainable business. Organizational structure, leadership and work-culture forms very much a part of the 'internal environmental factors' affecting the functioning of an organization. In the context of Korean companies, Kang (1996) states "Although the organizational structure is centralized and its functions formalized, individual jobs are not formally structured in Korean business firms. Korean firms usually do not have job descriptions or job specifications, and job tasks and work responsibilities of individual employees are largely determined by the supervisor as the jobs are performed." Organization structure and culture have important role in the success of any organization. ...
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