Regulatory and Economic environment

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China is country which has seen great changes in its economic environment since its inception. China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world today. Time to time it has seen booms and declines in its economy.
Chinese economy is recognized as the sixth largest economy in the world.


Based on the current exchange rate of RMB 8.28 yuan to one U.S. dollar, China is now the sixth largest economy in the world. Based on purchasing-power parity, it is the third largest economy after the United States and Japan. All this has taken place during a relatively short time. In fact, one can argue that true economic reform in China only started in the early 1980s.' - [M.W. LUKE CHAN, WENDY ROTENBERG]
The Chinese economic environment had shown rapid progress during 1991-1997, it could be said that China experienced double digit GDP growth. However, from 1997 and so on there were economic crisis, yet, the Chinese GDP continued to grow at a rapid rate of 7.8%.
Transparency and good supremacy have been the foundation issues observed in the post-crisis years, both in the circumstance of the 1997 monetary difficulties and the recent series of commercial scandals. This suits the accounting and audit profession where efforts have largely focused on "harmonizing standards" within APEC and ASEAN as well as for greater transparency and disclosure.
The Chinese financial catastrophe showed that insufficient accounting practices and lack of transparency in financial information still prevail in the region. ...
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