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Argument for Abstinence

Jennifer stares at the floor as her mother wrings her hands, sore from arthritis and tired from the work it takes to be a single mom.
This scene is tragically played out countless times daily in every corner of the country. Jennifer didn't mean to get pregnant, and she tried to avoid it. It was "just an accident". She practiced the "safe" methods that she was taught in her sex education class. Unfortunately for Jennifer, there was one method that was not covered in her class; Abstinence. Though Sex-Ed classes often fail to adequately cover it, abstinence has experienced an upsurge in popularity with students, educators, and schools. By itself, abstinence is a difficult challenge to any teenager's raging hormones, but when used as part of a larger program package it has been met with considerable success. By creating effective, well rounded abstinence programs, educators have succeeded in significantly reducing teen pregnancy rates and lowering the incidence of STDs.
Everyone agrees that we need to reduce the epidemic levels of STDs and unwanted pregnancies among our teenagers. Likewise, no one can make the argument that abstinence is not the world's most effective method of birth control. However, critics of abstinence question whether teenagers are capable of making the commitment required to make the program a success. ...
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A. Quote the study from Columbia and Yale "teenagers who took a pledge to abstain from intercourse until marriage "are much less likely" to have intercourse than adolescents who did not pledge"(Roleff, 2002).
Jennifer Davis's mother picks her up early from school, and they rush to make it to Jennifer's gynecology appointment on time…
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