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"House of sand and fog" - Movie Review Example

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The film is based on a Novel by Andre Dubus III. It is about an Iranian Colonel (Massood) who is exiled and comes to work in America. He obviously with a Muslim background has cultural thoughts about how to further strengthen his family. He seeks the opportunity which comes to light where a house is up for auction and he purchases it and moves in…

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"House of sand and fog"

As a consequence she tries to do what she can to get the house back including starting a relationship with a local police officer (Lester). The novel goes on to explain the background about the officer how he had an emotional upbringing and one of the reasons why he is reluctant towards the woman.
The Iranian after marrying his daughter off, remember he is in the USA, spends the rest of his saved money which includes his sons future education funds into the house which he considers a good investment. His intention's is to eventually make a house like the villa he had in Iran. He thinks like the average Muslim man struggling to make a better future for his family. The woman whose house it was tries to plea with him but resorts to threatening him that he will be deported if he doesn't give her the house, the police officer aids her. The film finish's differently to the novel as the son (Esmail) who has an opportunity to shoot the police officer dies in a shootout by authorities as he is taken by the officer. And as a consequence his father the Colonel poison's his wife and then commits suicide. As the Colonel has rescued the woman twice from committing suicide when she walks in to see him in a plastic bag she tries to resuscitate him. ...
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