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Conservation focusing on Animal Extinction

People engaged in the fight for conservation, in a worthy and patriotic cause, most often try to sully their reputation by opposition, and the dramatic fervor of such opposition has constituted a major liability. It is also important to recognize that conservation neither arose from a broad popular outcry nor centered its fire on the private corporations which have often supported conservation policies. "Conservation, above all, was a scientific movement, and its role in history arises from the implications of science and technology in modern society. Conservation leaders sprang from such fields as hydrology, forestry, agrostology, geology, and anthropology It is from the vantage point of view of applied science, rather than of democratic protest, that one must understand the historic role of the conservation movement." (Hays, 1999, p 2). Therefore, conservation issues have historically offered topics of debates and one of the ongoing political controversies in the United States since 1977 has been the debate concerning oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). ...
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In the contemporary discussions about nature and conservation, debates concerning conservation issues have assumed an important part, and such issues include logging in National Forests, livestock grazing on public lands, finding water supplies for growing cities, and drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge etc…
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