Organizational Communication Essay

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This paper is dealing with a case study analysis in which the effectiveness of communication is analyzed. This paper includes the impact of communication to the intended public. This paper also shows how information could be more effectively communicated to the public.


It shows the use of technology in organizational communication.
Communication is a very important tool in any set up. It is even more important in the business world. For a business organization to be successful, the manager has to use very effective communication strategies. This is in relation to every person in the organization. The business environment calls for a high level of effectiveness in the communication. 1
When communication is rightly used in an organization it can motivate the employees. However when it is wrongly used it will always demoralize the workers. This is the internal communication. Organizations also need to communicate to the public. This is referred to external communication. Through this it can create a positive or a negative public image.
When this case study is evaluated, there was some effective communication to the public. This is shown when the plant was open to the media. Analysis shows that the quality assurance manager was also available to the press. What Madeira did in this case was very effective. The public affairs department that was appointed was very effective. This is because in this department there were specialists who responded to the media inquiries. They provided regular updates of facts and developments that were going on.
There was effective communication through video news releases because they educated the public. ...
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