European Tourism effects on the Environment

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This study was conducted in part to create awareness on the negative impacts of tourism on the environment. The fact that tourism has so many benefits overshadows its setbacks to our Mother Earth. The study views various laws, initiatives and other forms of regulations that aim to improve or at least hinder these negative impacts to nature.


The UK for example has been a leading tourist destination for the past years and this trend never seems to wane. Although much of its natural, cultural sites suffered at first the UK has started various policies regarding the preservation of nature and in doing so, tourists help maintain their tourist spots indirectly. Other EU member country worth noting in terms of tourism is Italy and France which are located conveniently along the coasts of the Mediterranean. These two countries and others have accommodated millions of tourists annually, and some of the repercussions of these enterprises are evident right now. These areas are currently experiencing the drawbacks of past tourism ventures and are now seeking to rehabilitate their tourist spots which are situated near the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean itself is a prime tourist destination, but due to its peculiar characteristics, it been a victim of reckless, abusive tourism. Much of its marine life is suffering the effects of euthropication and unmanaged solid and liquid wastes being dumped to it. When this carelessness continues, the Mediterranean will cease to be and there is a possibility that this unfortunate situation will also occur to other tourist spots.
Tourism has not only made it big in Europe but also the rest of the world. ...
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