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Global Business Plan

The political, legal and regulatory risks highlighted that the region has a stable and development oriented political scene, which is supported by the legal system in Canada. Moreover the regulations in the region are similar to the ones in US, making the low and favorable for investment. The exchange rate risks are low for the country is low as well as the currency of the country is quite stable. The competitive risks in the region however are high as there exists fierce competition amongst the local and the international business. The government has taken steps to lower this risk for investors.
The distribution and supply chain risks highlighted that the middleman in the oil production sector who is responsible for transporting and dealing with manufacturers and distributor faces high level of risks. The physical and environmental risks are also high in Canada due to its extreme climate and the rocky terrain of the land which makes extraction and digging difficult and time consuming. Additionally the social risks in the region are also present which relate to the conflicts attitudes of the French speaking and the English speaking Canadians.
The SWOT analysis of the Oilpec Inc Company was also performed which identified that the strengths of the Oilpec Inc pertained to its knowledge and experience in the field of distribution, marketing, exploration, storage and refining ...
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Previously the position and the scope of Canada pertaining to the market and production of energy resources like crude oil have been analyzed. It has been identified that Canada has vast deposits of oil in the Atlantic as well as in its land, making it a rich source of crude oil resource…
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