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M.K. Ghandi "The story of my experiment with truth"

The first twenty seven chapters of the book see how Gandhi's life is molded by his circumstance and then in turn sought to mold his own destiny. From his childhood, his being part of the Banya caste, growing up in Porbandar and Rajkot and being in general under the absolute duress of his parents social and political roles (4-7). He has a great respect for elders and people in authority, considers them beyond reproach or doubt. His experience as student, particularly the incident where he said that his teacher prompted him to cheat to impress a school inspector, reading Harishchandra and watching the play Harishchandra are key points in his childhood.
These laid the foundations for his future treatise on truth and society which will led him to question what in his childhood he accepted so easily including his formative schooling experience and Hindu social customs (4). Gandhi considers his life experience as a process of contemplation, self-realization and application. In conjunction with his personal and professional development within and outside his primary context, he considers these as experiments that have allowed him to define his values and prerogatives. ...
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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi stands as one of the major figures of the 20th century. His philosophies has equally inspired and caused significant debate because of his questioning the morality and justice of governments and society. In his autobiography The Story of my Experiments with Truth he allows readers to view how his perspectives developed, showing the vulnerability of many people in accepting social ills denying social and moral truths to themselves and to others…
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