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History Structured Essays - Essay Example

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Dear writer, I need you to research on those in red and look at the comments in blue. After you have added the answer and lengthen my individual essays, please also edit the introduction and conclusion of each question.
The Treaty of Versailles was ratified as a result of the Paris Peace Conference, where it was finally signed after four months…

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History Structured Essays

Clemenceau seemed the most satisfied with the Treaty because most of his aims during the Paris Peace Conference had been included in the Treaty. The fear of a German uprising was no longer in the minds of the French as all the land that Germany was required to hand over was returned; the most important regions being Alsace and Lorraine. Germany's army was down sized to a maximum of 100,000 men; they were denied the use of tanks. The air force was disbanded and the navy was only allowed to staff and operate six ships; however, no submarines were allowed to remain operational. The land fifty kilometres east of the Rhine was pronounced a demilitarised zone, where no soldier with a weapon could enter. Overseas land previously owned by Germany was given to different European countries. The Saar, Danzig and Memel were put under the control of the League of Nations.
One of the more important outcomes was the "War Guilt Clause" that required Germany to take on full responsibility for starting the war. This was important as it would show the world France's reason for participation in the war was only to defend against the German attacks. ...
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