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Personality Disorders

It is this special trait of living beings which sets them apart as a class having emotions, personality, behavior, etiquettes etc. Whenever something conflicting strikes the emotional behavior of the individual, the overall personality gets affected.
Once the personality disorder starts appearing in the individual and no cognizance is taken of the change in behavior, it gradually takes the shape of long term patterns, if there's no Personality disorders take the shape of long-term patterns, thus causing serious problems in relations at home and at work. Under normal circumstances, we as human beings often come across many stressful situations which results in tension like situations. As normal human beings we start taking such situations in our stride and try to come out with appropriate solutions, but a person with personality disorder finds the situation difficult to deal with. This often reflects in their relationship with people around them. Personality disorders as such do not come up suddenly like some other diseases, or due to malfunctioning of some body organs, but it is a gradual process. ...
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William James defined emotion as "the bodily changes following directly the PERCEPTION of the exciting fact, and that our feeling of the same changes, as they occur" (Wagner, 2009). This theory states that one's mental state is not immediately induced by the other, that the bodily manifestations must first be interposed between, and that the more rational statement is that we feel sorry because we cry, angry because we strike, afraid because we tremble, and not that we cry, strike, or tremble, because we are sorry, angry, or fearful, as the case may be…
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