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Organizational Behavior, can managers be overcommitted Surprisingly

Usually, their next action is to issue another set of orders reinforced by penalties in case of further disobedience. Meanwhile, the discussion of the problems initiated often helps better and saves the nerves of both managers and their subordinates.
Dick Spencer, the plant manager at Modrow from the case study obviously has faced the same problem as stated above. When ordering a foreman to bent the scrap strips instead of cutting them, he did not listen to contradictions of a foreman. Moreover, the agreement of a foreman was forced. Dick Spencer uses an authoritative leadership style, demanding obedience and being deaf to alternative opinions. Of course, this type of managerial behaviour pays well when a manager has a clear vision of the problem, and knows how to deal with it. Nevertheless, authoritative managers think they have a clear vision way to often compared to cases when they really have it. In this case, his management style failed him, as once again he saw workers cutting the strips, and therefore disobeying his orders. And for once more, he refused listening to the opinion of a foreman. No wonder, that his order was disobeyed for the third time.
Let us imagine, how would another manager with different leadership style reacted to solve the problem. ...
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Modern management theories state that the commitment of the staff of the company is in direct proportion to the commitment of senior management. But can managers be overcommitted Surprisingly, they can. Of course, people need clarity from their managers: clear objectives and not vague requirements or lists of detailed instructions…
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