Brians Data Analysis in Kingston School Closure

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Brian Alley works as a Policy Officer in the Department of Regional Development and he has taken leave from work to complete his Master's degree in Social Science. For his Master of Arts thesis, he has gotten approval to study how rural communities deal with the decline of public services.


A total of 52 residents agree to take part in the study.
The general question that Brian wanted to address in his research project was how rural communities deal with the decline of public services. To be able to address this, Brian formulated sub-topics to form the basis for his project. These are: the status of rural decline in Australia, the impact of school closures on rural communities, alienation in rural communities, design of the study, methods of data gathering and analysis, political and economic factors influencing the proposed Kingston school closure, response of Kingston residents to the proposed closure, effects of the Kingston school closure and implications of the case of the Kingston school closure on rural Australia. In my opinion, the scope of the study was comprehensive and the formulated questions need no modifications or additions.
Brian decided on doing a quantitative study for his research project. Quantitative analysis allows the researcher to focus on a limited number of variables or factors, measure them and derive relationships between them (Seaman, 2005). In Brian's study, he defined factors which he used in his survey and on which a statistical analysis was to be performed. ...
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