Assessment Action Plan

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The purpose of this paper is to present an assessment action plan to choose the most suitable consultant to take end to end accountability of the Software Upgradation project of Boardman Management Group. A Request for Proposal was sent to five consulting organizations that have managed such projects in the past and have shown their interest in taking over end to end accountability of the Baderman Resorts project.


To ensure the success of the Software Upgradation Project, it is important to partner with the best consultants in the Industry that have successfully implemented projects pertaining to migration from old versions of Windows to Windows Vista and from old versions of Word to Word 2007. It is understood that any software will never be 100% complete from the perspective of the Business Requirement Specifications and also the Word 2007 Application will serve as the lifeline of the business post implementation the way the current versions of Word are critical to business. The selected consultant is expected to have a sound track record, an experienced implementation & customization team, and a sound Project Management methodology. In order to assess if the consultants have genuinely worked upon such migration projects in the past, the following shall be verified:
The process of verification shall be called the "Desktop Review". Overall such documents and records would be requested for verifications only and then returned back after the convincing exercise is completed. These documents & records are their intellectual properties and hence shall not be retained. The objective is to carry out an in-depth convincing exercise. ...
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