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Time Travel

And having thought what to do, we can only do it now: while the time for action is future we can only await it, and once it is past it is too late.
When it comes to time travel, the perception of difference somewhat diminishes, according to various scientists theories presented in various ways we conclude that most of them agree with the notion that in order to travel back in time one has to travel faster than the speed of light. Only in such condition one can travel in time. Along with the speed of light, there are other three factors that are considered for a person in order to travel. Those factors or four elements on which time travel is based are considered at the very core of science fiction, which are:
Foote has his own unique perception according to which traveling whether it be the future or the past is reasonable to justify and can be universally accepted by the judgment that a person is always involved in traveling all the time, every minute and at every second and particularly in his sleep because as we sleep our consciousness takes a several hour-long leap into the future. It is no wonder that this scenario has a respectable, if dateable, past in the literature of science and fiction. But nothing, nothing except dream and memory, stands in relation to travel to the past as sleep does to travel to the future. ...
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The question about time is what past, present and future are and how they differ from each other. The differences seem striking and profound. In the past is everything we have seen and done; in the future everything that has not yet happened or been done, none of which we can yet see; and in the present lie all our experiences, thoughts and actions…
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