Preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Children

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A primary concern to parents and educators today is the prevalence of hearing loss and damage to children. Increasingly, this hearing loss is not due to ear infections or genetic causes. Instead, noise induced hearing loss is on the rise. In three articles: "Hearing Conservation Education Programs for Children: A Review", "The Effectiveness of an Interactive Hearing Conservation Program for Children", and "Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Children", the concern is reviewed and possible solutions for this problem are suggested.


The loss is fairly gradual, so it may not be noticed immediately. The amount of hearing lost depends on the intensity of the sound, the duration of the sound, and how often the person experiences the sound. Hearing loss can be long term, or short term, depending on the above three instances. Once hearing loss has happened, however, there is no way to cure what has happened.
In "Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Children: what Educators Need to Know", by Anne Kathryn Haller and Judy K. Montgomery, they describe the effect that noise induced hearing loss has had on American society. Nearly one third of Americans with hearing loss can link their decreased hearing ability to noise (Haller 29). Over time, it has moved to the number two cause of hearing loss, after age-related hearing loss. According to Haller, "nearly thirty million people are estimated to be exposed to injurious levels of noise each day" (30). What is worse is that many of these people are children. For children, loss of hearing carries a greater penalty then loss of hearing for adults has. ...
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