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Critics underline that abortion is the 'slippery slope', because killing of an unborn child may lead to killing of other people. This argument holds that we risk a decline in our moral standards once we permit the taking of human life. For example, if we permit abortion today, we will permit infanticide the next day, and euthanasia the next.


We owe it to our family and society to be healthy. First, life is present from the moment of conception, and secondly, that life will develop into human being, unless it is crushed out of existence. In other words, there is already a human being there in its first stages of development, like a tiny rose-bud that will one day open into a beautiful bloom. Life is there from the first moment. It is not just a piece of tissue, or a growth; it is a living thins, with a distinct life of its own (Colker 53).
Pro-choice advocates maintain that the mother, being a human being, and not merely a machine of procreation, has the right and the freedom to decide when to continue or terminate pregnancy. The State has no authority to prohibit abortion, since this belongs to the domain of the parents, especially the woman, as a matter of human right. Some people suppose that abortion is moral and permissible because child bearing and childbirth have health-related risk for a woman (Pollitt, 98). It is important to take into account the situation of a particular person when making a decision, and ethical questions concerning human life and choice of a mother. ...
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