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global support for trade , mixed with some doubts

Firstly these countries started trading a long time ago and the negatives of trade have started to show prominently along with its positive. Its human nature that we give importance to the negatives more than the positives even if the positive points are more in number. Secondly terrorism has developed a negative mind frame in every person, which is very obvious due to the terrorist activities that have happened recently hence people of the developed countries have started to think that any contact with the outside undeveloped countries might bring in terrorists and terrorism in their own country.
The second aspect of the article is that capitalism has been the preferred mode of running the system of the country. Majority around the World agreed to the fact that capitalism is a more authentic mode. In the same way people also emphasized that environmental protection should be given priority even if that slows down the process of development of a country, I agree with this statement as education around the world is changing the way we think and saving environment should be our first priority.
Another important problem that has arisen due to Globalization is of migration. People tend to migrate to developed countries for a better living standard. Another reason for people migrating are the wars going on around the globe. ...
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Globalization has been a major step in the development of humans. Globalization has helped the humans achieve objects that were impossible. Though it has helped us in many ways but like every other thing Globalization has its negatives also. The article explores the different opinion of people on some aspects of Globalization.
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