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The sociologist explores the significance of the 'other people' he calls audience, in shaping the individual's characters, and says that the person will try to hide the undesired characteristics or behaviors to impress a group with the more appreciable ones (Barnhart), also see, (Erving, 1959).
In his work, Erving outlines the view that co-operation of individuals is derived from the individual's desired intent in performance. In his view, Erving does not provide clear explanation on the gender interaction as they perform various social roles and what makes a man be suited to some activities that women may not perform as good. It has for long been known that there are clear outline in performance of certain duties by certain gender. For example, males aren't suited to performing certain roles as would do the females. Religion has argument that there are natural roles for different genders that are clearly separate from one another. Though he gives an overview of what really happens in shaping an individual as he interact with the rest, he fails to clear the air on gender interactions amongst men and amongst women or the inter-gender relationship, and how social roles are communicated from one generation to another.
The originality and identity of man cannot be eliminated from biological formation of man and the theory o ...
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Erving Goffman Erving in The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life provides an insight into interaction of an individual with the rest of individuals, explores the idea of development or deformation of a character or identity by individuals as they interact with one another to try and fit in performing specific social roles…
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