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Port to the American 1939 Civil War.

Second: has any of the historical events of the revolution, throughout the literary history of the nation, depicted the character of America otherwise than what is stands up for as the lead nation among the world today? Has the revolution been any different than that throughout the history of America that lead it to where it stands today? What have the blows of that time been leading mislead people to who now become united under the same and one flag?
Third: has any of the previous hardships of America been easier or easily conducting the nation towards their own welfare being as well as the leadership of the nation then in 1939 was wiser and more educated than today's America's leaders? Has leadership been shaped as well as the American people's mind throughout the history of the nation since the civil war then? What has been the educated preach of this story among historical rebounds which prosecute or persecute the definitions of unity, justice and freedom of being? And does America look forward to have its leading history lead other nations to the same revolutionary conduct towards self-realization of what fascinates others in it? ...
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Have civil wars altered or preached a demonstrative act of the consequences of disintegration with people dying as well as nations confiscating their acts to be able to move on within their termed line of history? …
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