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Case Study example - The of the West Memphis 3

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Case Study
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Whenever crimes are committed, they leave the public at large with a varying degree of nervousness afterwards. A nervousness as to when ,or if, the criminal(s) will strike again and whom will fall prey to their next act of transgression. In the case of the 'West Memphis 3', the citizenry of West Memphis, Tennessee, were rocked by a horrific act of violence that occurred in their community…

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Such questions as to how they were able to feel confident in theory that they would have put together from those assumptions and have that become the case they would ultimately be able to form.
For criminal prosecution, evidence based on factual findings is fear greater than that which would have been obtained through assuming something to be true or incorrect. In that not only were there assumptions made very soon after the crime was discovered to have been committed, but the police would have been approaching potential suspects based on such information with questionable validity and relevance. In the offset, the case against the resulting suspects would appear to be tenuous at best. As it stands, the events leading up to the arrest and prosecution of the three men in question for the heinous crimes committed against the three young boys, would lack the necessary means of just and righteous prosecution. To the citizens of West Memphis, it would have been a great relief to see the apprehension and subsequent prosecution occur. ...
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