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Biblical Passage in Pentateuch

Aside from its religious importance, the Pentateuch has been studied due to the historical context that is contained within. The history of the Israelites as God's chosen people are contained heavily in the five books and often, stories are located in a grey area between factual retelling and religious zeal. Among one of the greatly debated issues that arose from the bible is the purported escape of Israelites from Egypt and their journey in search of Canaan. In the following paragraphs, it can be seen that the passages to be discussed contain both historical and religious significance.
Chapters 19 and 20 of the Exodus book illustrate how the Decalogue or Ten Commandments were handed over to the people of Israel by God. The event was said to take place in the wilderness of Sinai on the third day of the third month of the Great Escape (Exodus) from Egypt.
In chapter 19, God had spoken to Moses from the mountain top, and passages here stressed that the other Israelites were not allowed to come near Him. They were only able to view Him as the big, dark cloud hovering in the mountain top but other than that, they were not allowed to approach His presence. ...
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The Pentateuch or Torah is the main collection of writings that shaped Judaism beliefs. Consequently, the main beliefs of the Roman Catholics, Protestants and other Christians, and other religious groups that are rooted in Judaism, came from these ancient scriptures…
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