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The Constitution is in itself a social contract that binds by its terms and conditions the people and their government in a civil society. It contains the body of rules and maxims in accordance with which the powers of sovereignty are consistently carried out.


The framers of the Constitution, most notably James Madison advocated the interrelated and interdependent systems of values, political structures and political processes. These interconnected systems are the very essence of a democratic government which derives its authority from its people which consequently makes it a government by the people. With these, it likewise carries the responsibility of safeguarding liberty and the prevention of tyranny, which can be inferred in the Constitution itself. .
When the Constitution speaks of values it refers to popular consent and personal liberty among others. The United States Constitution was passed to preserve individual liberties against the incursions by the government. This preservation of individual liberties is all enshrined to what is termed as the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is the set of prescriptions setting forth the fundamental civil and political rights of the individual; similarly, it imposes limitations on the power of government as a means of securing the enjoyment of the aforesaid rights. The Bill of Rights is distinctively designed to preserve the ideals of liberty, equality and security. The Bill of Rights is enshrined in the first ten amendments to the Constitution.
With respect to political structures, the United States Constitution provides for the Separation of Power and the s ...
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