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Issues in EU from Swedish perspective

Hence Sweden had brought about Skr, 2002-03 providing equal amount of opportunity in order to formulate skills which are not stereotyped in gender terms. (Gender - Sensitive and women friendly public policies -Sweden: Analysis of Policy Context and Policies)
During the presidency of the European Union, Sweden claims that top priority is given to gender equality and implemented the EU policy for greater equality between women and men. (Sweden carried EU gender equality work forward) Open Method of Co-ordination -- OMC has also been an important issue which is being promoted by the European Union and its implementation is being significantly emphasized among the member nations. Due to the activities of the European Union, Sweden has brought about various reform processes focused on mobilizing the labor, re-modeling the social benefits as well as the pensions schemes. ...
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The European Union which was being initiated in the year 1951 as the European Coal and Steel Community had only six nations as its members. When Britain and Denmark became part of the Union, it came to be called as the European Economic Community. Later several nations became its members and with the due process of time, the European Economic Community was being changed as the European Union and Sweden which is the country under discussion in this paper joined the Union on January 1, 1995…
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