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Process Analysis

The first step is to marinate pork meat in dry white wine seasoned with herbs and garlic. Herbs and garlic will add delicious taste so important for all rice dishes. Take into account that this step will take several hours, because it is required to let the pork meat stand in refrigerator at least 6 hours. The second step is to drain meat. During this step, the cook should reserve sieved marinating liquid and dry meat with paper towel. It is possible to use glass or ceramic plates preparing meat. During the next step, the cook adds 1 T. butter to preheated browning skillet. Then, it is important to swirl skillet to coat bottom with melted butter. The next step is to add meat, and cook it uncovered 4 minutes until meat is no longer pink. This step is very important because the quality and taste of meat will determine the taste and flavor of the finished dish (Barham, 2000).
The next step is to choose a bowls for rice. To prevent boil-overs, it is better to choose large enough bowls. During this step, the addition of oil to cooking water will prevent boil-overs. It is very important to cook rice in a covered dish. A small secret is that rice requires virtually no stirring during cooking. In fact, less stirring is better since over-stirring can cause a 'mushy' texture. In order to add a delicious taste to the dish, the cook can add sieved marinating liquid to rice while cooking. ...
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Rice is one of the most popular food for millions of people around the world, especially for Asian nations. Many people suppose that rice cooking is one of the most simple and easy cooking practices but, for an unprofessional cook, it can turn out to be difficult…
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