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Critically evaluate interventions aimed at increasing physical actvity levels in school children aged 511 (Primary School)

As the physical activity interventions have enough evidence that can avoid diabetes in children, it is as well important to decrease overweight and obesity in children. As obesity is due to the increase of energy intake than the energy expenditure, the physical interventions are necessary for the reasonable energy expenditure in the children. In addition to that the physical activity can help in maintenance of musculoskeletal health and can reduce the increase of fat due to sedentary life style in children. In addition to above aspects, the physical activities will help in psychological development and well being of children as they are capable of avoiding depression, stress and anxiety. As the development of social skills in children need physical activities as well as classroom activities, the physical interventions in primary school children will develop a positive self-image and self esteem thus increasing the quality of life (WHO, 2006). 1
Townsend, Tony (19980 quotes Comenius (1657) and Pestalozzi (1898) along with Froebel (1903) about the physical interventions in the form of play in early childhood education. ...
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The interventions regarding physical activities are important for children in primary schools (aged from 5 to 11) as it helps in avoiding most chronic diseases in their future. As physical activity is causing 6,00,000 deaths in European region, the interventions regarding physical activity for the children in primary schools like cycling to school, walking to school and other activities on weekly basis will help them to have physical activity in their daily life…
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