The Odyssey Book Report/Review

Book Report/Review
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Homer's epic, The Odyssey, defines hero through Odysseus in many ways. Odysseus is a wise, cunning, and successful man that has the additional luxury of the gods' favor. He knows what it takes to win and he is not easily distracted for very long. In his travels, he is determined and this quality allows him to endure.


Another thing that makes Odysseus a hero is the fact that he captures the favor of the gods and even ends up working with them to achieve peace. Odysseus is a hero because he is a strong man endures many difficult circumstances.
One of the most predominant characteristics of a Greek hero is knowledge. Odysseus understands what it means to win and that is what he is intent on doing. While he gets preoccupied along the way, he does not become completely distracted. He is also cunning and overcomes many dangers during his adventure. He is even more heroic because he does not simply face everyday dangers - he faces extraordinary dangers and emerges victorious after an incredibly long time. Homer wanted Odysseus to be remembered as a hero or he would not have put him in such a precarious situation and have him succeed. Homer's hero is wise and cunning and he is successful. He returns back to Ithaca and restores peace. His place among the gods is also an inclination of how he is to be remembered as a hero. Throughout the story, he has the favor of the gods and, up until the end, he works with the gods to bring back harmony. It should also be noted that things at the end of the epic are resolved with the gods. No hard feelings are harbored and there are no vendettas. ...
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