Epidemiology and Public Health

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This course work has three parts, each deal with specific problems of health of the population. Part I is meant to exhibit the basic demographic data about Westminster Borough. The important statistics on the major health issues are discussed in Part II. Part III examines the demographic and health related statistics of the city of England and Wales


The monarch lives in Buckingham Palace. Parliament meets in Westminster Palace. The borough has an important railroad terminal (Paddington). In Westminster are the administrative offices of the British Broadcasting Corp.; London's chief shopping district; Harley St., a center of medical practice; and a clothing industry. Westminster School is a leading public school, founded in the 14th cent and reestablished by Queen Elizabeth I in 1560(Encyclopedia). Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Saint James's Palace, the National Gallery, the Tate Gallery, the imposing Central Mosque, the Imperial College of Science and Technology, St. James's Park, Hyde Park, parts of Regent's Park and Kensington Gardens, Mme Tussaud's waxworks, and Kensal Green Cemetery, resting place of several literary figures are other notable features of the borough of Westminster (Encyclopedia) .
The data on population other demographic variables of the borough of Westminster have been collected from the office for National Statistics. For the purpose of the course work these data have been rearranged and presented by means of a pyramid (Figure 1.1). The data belong to the period of 2006 and it mainly exhibits the data relating to male and female and their age group. ...
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