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Macedonian Army

Between 30,000 and 43,000 infantry followed Alexander into Asia Minor to fight the Persians. He had only 70 talents for their pay, and no more than thirty days' provisions. These scarce resources destroyed any hope from his army. However this also motivated them to fight desperately before all their supplies finished. The 40,000 Persian infantry and cavalry were desiccated. The Macedonian army's confidence raised head high and this confidence scared all the cities on the coast into submission to Alexander.
Alexander wanted to go into the heart of Persia to defeat their king Darius. However a secretive illness to Alexander prevented such an excursion for the time. All of Alexander's attendants were afraid to try any remedies, because if their remedy failed, and Alexander died, the Macedonians might blame the physician. During this time the Macedonian army was becoming demoralized day by day thinking whether Alexander could defeat his illness or would he let them rot deprived of a leader.
The morale of Macedonian army soared sky high after they defeated the Persians and forced King Darius to flee. Darius knew that Alexander would come for his so he prepared an army of a million men. When the two armies came in sight and the noise and campfires of the vast barbarian camp were heard, fear started to creep into some of Alexander's generals. ...Show more


On the day that Alexander was born, the temple of Diana at Ephesus burned down, an omen which the fortune-tellers of the East interpreted as a sign that on that day, the force that would destroy Asia had entered the world".
At the age of only twenty, Alexander became king of Macedonia when his father, King Phillip, was murdered…
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