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on Health promotion

So health promotion was described as the process, which enables the people or individual to increase their control, over their health, and to improve their health. This conference provided the forum to discuss and establish the means and ways of working for health promotion and thence to develop the strategies of health promotion. In fact health promotion strategies and programs are needs based; they may be different for different countries because of the local needs as well as the unique cultural and economic systems (Ref- Ottawa, http://www.who.int/healthpromotion/en/). Actually, in this conference it was optimized that Health for All by 2000 (HFA 2000) could be possible through the successful implementation of health promotion strategies at national and regional levels (Ref).
WHO (http://www.who.int/school_youth_health/facts/en/index.html) has prepared a fact sheet regarding the situation of status of health of the students as well as the environment prevailing in these schools which may influence the practices of the students towards a positive or negative direction as far as the healthy and education of the students are concerned.
Role of nutrition in learning and cognition starts even before the birth of child. If there is hypoplasia or deficiency of Iodine in the diet of pregnant woman, her newborn will be born with hypothyroidism. ...
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It was in mid-80s when public health movement was started around the globe to assess the progress on the achievement on the objectives of Primary Health Care declaration of Alma Alta. In 1986, first international conference on Health Promotion was organized in Ottawa, Canada (Ref)…
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