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The gospel of Mark supports the idea that the messiah (Jesus Christ) must receive dominion, glory, and kingship - Term Paper Example

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The gospel of Mark supports the idea that the messiah (Jesus Christ) must receive dominion, glory, and kingship

Verse 14 of the same chapter says that dominion, glory and a kingdom were all given to the image he saw, people of all nations and languages should serve him (what resembled the son of man). Further, the son of man's dominion over the nations is everlasting and shall not pass away and his kingdom shall not be destroyed (Daniel 7: 14).
Although what Daniel saw was just a vision, the description befits the character of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament. Hundreds of years after Daniel' vision, the fulfillment came through the birth of Jesus. According to Mark 1: 2, the birth of Jesus came as a fulfillment of what was written by the prophets. Hence, God send a messenger to prepare the way for the coming of Christ.
After Jesus' birth, what transpired as recorded in the Gospel of Mark only supports the idea that Jesus was indeed the Son of man as predicted by Daniel and that he had in his power the ability to be the messiah and deliver the world from earthly sins. All the aspects of Jesus were unique, right from the time he was baptized to the time he died on the cross.
This papers bases its discussion against a backdrop of the events that led to the birth of Jesus, right from the prophesies in the Old Testament to the fulfillment of all the anticipated occurrences. Hence, the paper will evaluate the significance of Daniel's visions as well as the relevance of the prophesies. In order to get concise ideas from the New Testament, the Gospel of Mark will be used to highlight the life of Jesus right from baptism and therefore show why Jesus was indeed the figure to receive dominion, glory and kingship to rule over the world.

The birth of Jesus and commencement of his ministry
There is every bit of evidence that the life Jesus would be no ordinary right from the time he was baptized. To begin with, he was baptized by a very special man, John the Baptist, who had been born just to prepare a way for him (Mark 1: 2). While John was used to baptizing people with water, he was categorical that Jesus would have powers to baptize people using the Holy Spirit. This portrays Jesus as a being that would possess supernatural powers that would rule over the people.
Indeed when the time came for Jesus to be baptized, the service was provided by John the Baptist. That would seem ordinary since baptism was part of John's normal activities, but the amazing aspects of the baptism are the events that followed the baptism activity. As recorded in Mark 1: 9-10, after Jesus was baptized, the heavens opened and Jesus saw the spirit of God descending upon him in the form of a dove. This was followed by a voice from heaven that said that Jesus is "my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased". This was probably the voice of God and the statement shows that Jesus was indeed being monitored at all times.
In the early days of Jesus' ministry, he went to Galilee to preach, at a time when John the Baptist had been imprisoned (Mark 1: 14). The choice of words that Jesus used implied that he indeed had a right to the kingdom (of God). Jesus told the people that the time had been fulfilled, and that the kingdom of God was at hand, they only had to repent and believe the Gospel (verse 15).
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The birth and life of Jesus Christ was well predicted by prophets in the Old Testament. Various prophets had ideas of how the birth of Jesus would occur and the domination that Jesus would have over the world during his lifetime. Among the great prophets who presaged the coming of Jesus were Isaiah and Daniel.
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The gospel of Mark supports the idea that the messiah (Jesus Christ) must receive dominion, glory, and kingship essay example
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