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Case Study example - Roles of the Manager in organization

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Case Study
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The paper discusses the organisational strategy of a broadcasting network and the roles of a manager and a subordinate. It will tackle on the differences of the roles of the two characters, their importance, possible similarities, and some key strategies in enhancing and advancing these roles for the benefit of their positions and the company in general…

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We will focus on the biggest area of its business, television. Its television division is a global company that broadcasts all over the world. Its main competitor, Company XYZ, is also a global company that broadcasts internationally.
The company's working principle is to provide the audience with what they want to see on television to obtain more viewers without sacrificing the quality of its television programs. For a television station, it is sometimes hard to weigh which is a more important aspect of television programs: quantity of viewers or quality of shows. Though many people may think that quality shows amounts to many viewers, it is often not the case. Many times, viewers switch on their television sets just to view on a program (or channel) they have patronized for a long time. It does not necessarily mean that what the station offers are what the viewers want to see. The reason for this is mainly because big television stations would rather invest on formulaic, tested programs than on risky, novel concepts that may cause the station millions. On a business financial side, this is an understandable fact. However, one can also see that if this principle continues to pre-empt the conceptualization and realization of fresh and excellent ideas, it may spell disaster in the long run. ...
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