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Local Area Network - Essay Example

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local area network (LAN). In other words, a LAN is a local computer network, which allows computers to communicate with each other. The network usually consists of computers, word processors, and other electronic equipment that allows different offices to communicate…

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Local Area Network

Software can take the form of a centralized database, distributed application or can be a collection of simple utilities, which might be shared on a computer with in the domain. Similarly hardware can be a printer or a centralized storage device. LAN offers the fastest data transfer rate up to 10 Mbps.
Stair & Reynolds (2001) suggest that usually, LAN is wired into office buildings, factories, school buildings, etc and are built around personal computers (PC). When a PC is connected to a LAN, a network interface card (NIC) is required which is placed in a computer's expansion slot to allow it to communicate with the network. A wire or connector from the network is then plugged directly into NIC. (Stair & Reynolds, 2001, p. 138)
In order to install and configure a LAN setup in a school, the topology should have to be selected. Out of the three topologies, i.e. ring, bus and star, star topology is the most feasible one, as due to the failure of a computer or a segment of wire or a node, the other network nodes would not be affected at all. For star topology the basic hardware required for connectivity are as follows:
For a smaller LAN with a maximum of 10 computers Hub works fine but for a larger LAN a switch gives better efficiency compared to a hub. ...
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